Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adding and vectoring

Working with vectoring my current icons, while adding in a couple new ideas is going! I'm happy with my current ideas, and feel like they are all heading in a good direction within my story.
I'm adding in a picnic basket, and some sort of bad weather to show that it was a picnic, and not just any picnic, but a terrible picnic. I'm needing to go around to other people within the studio to answer some questions about my icons, basically to see if they understand what my icons represent, and what kind of story I'm trying to tell. Let's hope that goes well. Here is the picnic basket that I'm working on:

I'll be adding the weather in soon, as well as either one or two more, not quite sure which may be the best to add. I have attacking birds, dog poop, and a swarm of bees. Maybe some opinions on which I should add to make the picnic more relevant?

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