Sunday, February 7, 2010

Design Process

While reading this chapter it was interesting to see someone's different view of what he thinks is the right way to design. I feel that process is a personal thing, and that person needs to find what works best with them. Yes, you can be taught, and you can be given ideas and directions to head towards, but even when you do hear that you should design a certain way within the process it seems to never stick, because it's not their way of doing process. While working here at school it's difficult for me to even develop a valuable amount of process. Yes, I'll have iterations, but if I don't get that specific number to do, it's difficult for me to explore more and more. I'm discovering that already, while it being the second semester here at KCAI, no one is going to give me a specific number of iterations to do. Which means, I need to start giving my self a number to shoot for. Obviously a high number is valued, but it doesn't mean that you're going to come up with a thousand different ideas within two research days before the next class. Exploration is key within design. And once I am out in whatever kind of field of design I will be in, no one is going to boss me around and TELL me what to do, so while here I should take advantage of practicing that.

One think I did really enjoy about this chapter was the list of questions he has within there. I felt that they were all valid in they're own way. Referencing this will be a great advantage, and possibly picking a few to focus on more than others would be nice too.

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