Friday, April 29, 2011

IA: ARC design screens

 Moving forward with the design approach I made all the screens that were needed, but I plan on adding a few more to expand the scenario out more.
some feedback that was said in critique:

-consider a texture or pattern to put in the top bar.
-Look for a way to go back in the app.
-Don't necessarily need the age, maybe something more of what they are in the bike community.
-take the word "image" out
-Make the image bleed off the page.
-Make the type a bit more thick.
-Show examples of the other icons that would come up except for the car.
-watch craft.
-add some photos to the scenario
-add some type to the icons
-what happens when you click on a button that doesn't have a warning on it.
-work a bit more on the icons.

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