Sunday, April 3, 2011

type4: Questions

Well, I definitely think my first question that I need to think about is if: I want to stay within one type of material. The word "fiber" can go a long way, so I may just consider using that as my material. SO

1.) How can I mix materials with each other, by making good and bad visual relationships.
2.) How will those relationships be successful?
3.) How far can manipulations to letter forms in a physical space go, and still be legible?
4.) How far back in the process of materials can the type of manipulation make on the letterforms? (such as what type of yarn I use, or where the wool came from.)
5.) What other types of materials can I incorporate that are not fiber related, such as glue, matte medium?
6.) How dangerous can the materials I use get? (such as insulation fiber glass)
7.) Where will my experiments live?
8.) How can the environments they are either made in, or get presented in connect with the content provided.
9.) How can the process of making each letterform inform the content, by either time that it take to make, or materials used.
10.) How can scale be incorporated within the process and final presentation?

How can different materials manipulate one letterform. Such as an A or an F? 

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