Thursday, April 21, 2011

UX: A Birds Eye View: Ferment; Prototyping with classmates

Moving on with this visual direction I tried to work on the typography, as well as the instruction side of things. Although, Brandon and Karen gave me very good feed back with how I could go about adding in some things to make it better. Such as be more specific with what I give the kids to do with their 'bird eyes' as well as making the bird eyes to be worn around the neck versus holding them. I know I personally need to add more information over all, and be more clear with my directions. As well as work on my typography still. I know that adding icons of the sculpture were wanted a lot. The targets work, but would work better if the icon of the sculpture were there. Also be more detail oriented with the map. Adding texture would probably be a no-no, but adding something special I think is needed for the map. 

Inside of the program

The Map on the inside ^

Then below are the bird eyes. I need to figure out a way to make them attach to each other without tape.

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