Tuesday, April 26, 2011

type4: Felting some personality

 The Skinny T came along because I wanted to see how flimsy one of my letterforms could be, and this one definitely wins.

It can't hold itself up what so ever, and it really reminds me of a worm due to it's skinny shape. Considering the material used which was felt, probably didn't' help it stand up very much, but thinking about the rest of the materials I'm using, I doubt that this shape would stand up straight anywhere.
 The A ball was to see how a sphere shape would render a letter. Felted balls are pretty popular for jewelry right now, and I thought it would be just dandy to make an alphabet necklace. But, that will just need to be a summer project. As for the rendering of the letter, it's still legible, and honestly doesn't look much different than if it were flat, I should probably cover more mass of the ball if I wanted to see the manipulation of the letterform come into play.
 When needle felting, some people use little acrylic stencils to make shapes, so I did my best with a piece of cardboard with a clarendon T cut out of it. While doing this process it was frustrating because I would turn it over, and it was just mess the shape up, so I need to experiment more with how plastic versus cardboard works, and see if it works any better. Although keeping an idea what shape I was going for was nice to see, it definitely made things more accurate which is what I was trying to figure out, how accurate I could get with one letterform.
Adding some googily eyes always is a good decision too.

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