Thursday, April 21, 2011

IA: Wire Frame Scenario Choice

After basically combining my three scenarios together, I came out with this!

I'm pretty excited to get started on this project to be honest, designing for something other than a traditional computer screen, and something that everyone could potentially use is interesting to me.

Over all the scenario starts out with a loading/introduction page, then you can either enter in your potential destination, or go to a saved destination to see if there are any problems in those routes.
Next after seeing the warning sign on slide #4 they will click on the problem that is going on and then the map will come up showing all the problems on the map. You can either swipe through, or someone suggested that I connect with google maps and just have all the selections on one screen, then they can zoom in on the problem and see user feedback, with images and comments about the problem area. I would think that each of these users would be rated on their posts, and how realistic they are, while also the area that is being investigated is rated as well, such as if it's a tough area versus something you can probably ride through.

Over all I just want the bike commuter sub culture to have a tool to use to communicate with eachother about problems they come across, as well as connecting to the news and weather stations to see when a good time is to take a bus or completely avoid a car wreck.

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