Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UX: Three Concepts for Roxie Paine

Working through the ideas I have developed I have three different concepts to move forward with the Roxie Paine: Ferment, day at the Nelson.

Concept one:

A Puzzle of the Nelson Lawn:
Here I wanted to play with the idea of piecing things together just like his sculptures are put together. The child would start the day out with one corner piece and then follow the directions on the back to got to the next station, then when they made it to the station they would get the next puzzle piece, kind of like a scavenger hunt.

Concept two:

The raw day at the nelson:
This concept was more of a treasure hunt where the children would count paces to get the children more involved with counting and get them more excited about making it to the next station.
They would receive a little paper box that folds out with directions and clues to get them to each sculpture.

Concept three:
Through a birds eye view

In this concept, (which is what I'm now producing) The children will come to the nelson and make their own "birds eyes". Very similar to a pair of binoculars they will then be presented with a "guide and map" to find their ways to all five sculptures. I thought it would also be fun to make a pair of bird's wings at a craft site, but I think now it is a little too disconnected with roxie paine.
the reason I chose birds I was thinking about the way that the roxie paine is mechanical and also natural. So Birds and planes seemed to be a good pair.

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