Tuesday, April 26, 2011

type4: "A" new experiment

 My big new pillow A.

When doing this experiment, I felt that I would have been able to just whip it out no problem, but then I realized my sewing skills were just not up to par with what this was asking of me, or I just didn't have the brain power at the time to figure the right way to do it at the time. When I was making this, I was trying to see the relationship between the material and the size. I had made other "plushy" A's before, but not at this size, and the difference between the two is: that this is definitely helpful when trying to sleep. I realized right away that people wanted to interact with this size of soft object, obviously because it does resemble a pillow of some sort, but also because it has character.

Here is a good friend sleeping while standing up, it has to be comfy!
 I wanted to show that it had personality, almost like it was somewhat of a sesame street character or something.
 And, I'm definitely taking it on my next airplane right...it's even better than those dog bone pillows.

I felt that this was a nice experiement due to how large it was in comparison to my other experiments, also how simple the "A" was. It's a pretty straight forward, san serif A where some of my other experiments are almost illegible letter forms.

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