Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Patterns: first round


I was actually quite excited about this part of this entire project. Although, I was also kind of scared because doing something that you really enjoy studying and looking at you might not always be good at making them, so my attempt at them was kind of delayed but over all, I'm definitely happy with a few.

We had a crit with two seniors (Ramzy and Laura)  that have been known to be well acquainted with pattern and their feedback was really nice to hear. It was refreshing in a way to have someone as another student critique the work you've been doing, that isn't in the class doing the same thing you are.
Their feedback was well put and they expressed that my icons were going in good directions, but possibly play more with concept more than I am right now, and try and figure out how to tile the pattern once it's all done and edited (which no one was really sure if that was a requirement or not). I'll definitely try and find a way to work with my current patterns and get them to tile correctly and as well as make new patterns that work off their feedback.

Here are some they pointed out:

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