Monday, April 19, 2010

Liquid 9 Workshop

Friday, some of the students participated in a student work shop with the art director of the Liquid nine, Frankie. Frankie is a recent KCAI graduate (I think it was 2002?) the workshop consisted of thinking about starting up your own buisness, and the steps that would be could to take in case we were interested in doing this once we left school.
For me, I think being part of a small corporation has always been what I'd imagine myself doing, but seeing all of the large businesses that incorporate pattern on cloth are quite large, such as Anthropologie, which I'm still not even sure how the chain works within the designing.
Thinking of this, and also my main interests right now, which would mostly consist of textiles, I thought that I could think about how I could incorporate what I really enjoy within one business.
This made me come to some stopping points though. Getting farther into this program at KCAI I've discovered a lot of other things that I really enjoy besides fibers/textiles. Frankie also asked me an important question. It was a simple question asking what side of the business would I want to take part in, the design side or the production side? I've never really thought of them as being different, due to me still being a student and thought I'd still take care of everything. Although, when looking at the larger picture I'd like to be on the design side of making things (mostly).
Ultimately, what I came up with was some sort of business consisting of fiber, pattern, image, and type. Although, basically all of these components can live by themselves I'd really like to see where I could take this in the future. I pulled images of things that I thought were inspirational and it just got me asking more and more questions, which I will hopefully be getting some answered this summer when I Intern at Porter Teleo.

Here are some inspirational images I had presented to Frankie to sum up me.

I'm very MUCH inspired by this designer Rebecca Tegtmeyer and what she is doing with these pillows.

Over all, I'm glad I did the workshop, it definitely started putting my goals in perspective.


  1. Did you know Rebecca is from KC - she went to KU and has some of her pillows currently in Hammerpress? Also, she went to the same grad school as me and tyler in NC.

  2. Yeah! Tyler showed her to me one day in class a while ago. I'll have to look into Hammerpress, her etsy shop is empty. =(

  3. great news that you got an internship at porter teleo. i checked their site and it looks like a great fit for you. hope it's an awesome experience. congrats!