Friday, April 9, 2010

Magazinessss: Final Statement

Finishing up these layouts has been a process. Working through all the problems that I've had with layout issues and how to portray my information graphics has also been a process. I've found (again) that it's a problem of mine. Looking at a layout and judging the format is a challenge, it does not come naturally to me. Although, I enjoyed it much more this time around. Maybe it was because of the content that was involved, maybe I'm just getting used to it.

Within the Information Graphics and the process I had with it. Starting out with the beginning of the process which was making paper prototypes with butcher paper, and cut out construction paper, some fabric, and just plain ol' yarn and markers.

When developing these paper prototypes and trying to integrate the objective I had to meet it was difficult to back up information to base these inforgraphics off of. So, The way I thought I did a good job at meeting the objective of using educational information by using my icons was How I used my Comparative one. I used my icons as a rating system for my picnic baskets, and then made certain critiques up about each one. Another way I used my icons was a mapping, and a timeline. For each of my icons I found a fact about the history of the picnic.
The Next objective was how did I show each kind of system, which was mapping, time, and comparative. I started out with all three, but fitting them in my magazine spreads and making them interesting enough was a challenge so, I went down to two, and concentrated more on the form of those. One of them was integrated into a mapping and timeline, but since they were both within eachother I was worried about them being strong as a pair.

Within my entire layout I felt that the use of my color was a good touch. I added the gingham background to add a bit more flare, I liked the desaturated look of my images and the colors throughout the entire layout, but the first photo is definitely more warm, so I may bring that down a bit.

As far as type goes, working with the layout and using headers and subtitles was interesting, and the way it was integrated within the infographics. It was important to make them look like they were in the same family, but different enough for them to stand out.

Here is a nice linear process for my information graphics !

Then I integrated my timeline with a mapping one.
Final one!

For my next information graphic I did I started with my paper prototype:
Working through these, the color and the contrasts just weren't working.
 So Jamie suggested I do bitmap theme to make it look more eclectic, and cohesive.

Finished one again.

And finally here are my final type layouts.

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  1. I enjoy seeing your process from super raw cut paper ideas to refined digital graphs.

    This process of "thinking through making" seems to work well for you so I encourage you to incorporate these methods into your regular practice.