Monday, April 26, 2010

Image: Process

For this project with Image class we are working to develop a new cover for the "6 degrees" National Geographic movie. Working through ideas with my partner Kelsey we discussed what we each would like to show within this concept. Through thumbnailing and talking with Tyler our final direction came to dealing with layers and imagery reflecting cause and effect of what Global warming might be. For the poster and the cover of the dvd book we were going to work with the same format, by spliting imagery up and having each be either a cause and effect. Each image has a certain type of texture so that it can create this mass of different colors and almost the idea of inspection, so that the viewer can be intriqued from far away, and then want to get closer to see what each layer shows.

Finding new imagery and making it large enough so that it would still apply to the whole national-geographic feel. I don't know...this entire concept to me works, I've been hearing it's boring, and non-interesting and we just need to figure out a way to push it in a new direction or something. The whole fractured feel for each level is so supposed to represent the unstable fact of the world, and the entire idea of global warming, and adding a yellow cast over the image has helped represent the idea of muggy, and dirty. Working though the whole "boring" idea we added some more fractured parts to make it seem like it breaking up more.

Adding more imagery to me seems like it would become a very large cluster of different images that don't seem like they go together due to color, quality and size.

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