Monday, April 5, 2010

Image: Book Cover Iteration

Working though my ideas I had for this project it was kind of tough envisioning something I wanted to produce. I knew of an idea I'd be going for, but I just wasn't sure of how to execute it. I wanted to incorporate embroidery within the text. and also, a fabric background. So, after looking at everyone else's on last Wednesday, I was even more confused. I was stuck with how far to go with the collage feel and how to not make it look like crap. So, I played with photo shop a bit, and I'm not saying I figured it out by any means, but I definitely took a step in the direction I've been wanting.

 The Outrageous book of games and how to prevent food poisoning is still pretty rough. I'm stuck with the typography, and total composition I think. The type I'm confused because I don't' want to write the entire title in cursive embroidery, I feel it would be too much and no one would be able to read it. So, the color of the text is where I'm stuck. Should it be the same as the tread? Or the background, or the object in the image? I can only use three colors, and I think black and white don't count for my color usage, but you can only go so far with that.
Also, the filter I used I think helped too. I'm haven't been a big fan in it, but I found that i can work with certain things, especially if you aren't good at cutting items out of photos in photoshop, like me.

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