Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Urge to make things

Reflecting over the reading that Leo Lionni wrote was interesting because the way he described how he feels and sees different object when they make a mark. One part that specifically stood out to me was when he said, "Is it possible not to fill the form or the things we make with our feeling and our mind?" I thought of this quote as somewhat confusing, but thinking about it awhile I think the real meaning of this quote is to say that certain object we see should mean different things to everyone. I may see a picture of a kite and think something completely different than everyone else. This being said, this idea really ties into the project we are working on right now. With the whole mark making step and moving on to manipulating those marks to be many different things to all different kinds of people. Within my specific project I have a mark made out of yarn that in some ways makes a fish shape, but to someone else it could be a rain drop. It's interesting what you can associate with a certain object with what type of life you've had in previous years. When Lionni continued this idea he expanded upon the idea how he felt that with people who are object oriented are obviously going to look at the object first and associate what they see with it, he also said that text can be objects within themselves, and he can still associate them feelings and memories. Within this project ultimately this is what I want to go for. When people see an image, I'd like for them to think of themselves in the position, and understand the feeling that is going on within the haiku, from the certain marks that make objects I've made.

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