Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reading Response: Vector VS Bitmap

Thinking about the two different ways of showing images is interesting to read about because this reading points out good points about each type of image quality, and points out not so great points about each of these image qualities.

PROS of a bitmap: Better use for Internet, and computer, Able to render color better by mixing different pixels of colors together to make one color on a larger scale, as said in the text: "bitmap images offer just as much freedom as a black canvas."

CONS of a bitmap: There only a certain amount of pixels in an image, no less or more. So, changing the size of an image is more difficult. When it is reduced in size the computer automatically takes away pixels to render the image, but when it is increased in size the computer has to fill up the empty space that wasn't filled in the first place, so it gives it a more block-esque look. A bitmap can never become a vector, unless drawn.

PROS of a vector: When using a vector image the size and color will most always stay the same at different sizes. It can be manipulated without losing coherence.

 CONS of a vector: Vector images can not have the same look as a bitmap. But, a bitmap can look like a vector. So when using vector images it's most likely used for icons, and logos. Vectors also have a harder time at looking hand rendered, rather it has a definite computer aesthetic.

For this project I think I'll stay bitmap. Although, two of my marks and possibly all three could go vector form due to how dark they are. But, In one of my marks they the gradient really helps the feel of the mark. Staying bitmap I think is a good decision though. Going vector I feel holds me down to only one way to show my mark.

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