Friday, November 6, 2009

Taxonomy Proposal

For my taxonomy of marks I'd like to pursue the idea of a pattern book. Within my arrangement of patterns I'll have one translucent page(possibly vellum) with the main mark on it, centered and it being the main focus of the page, and then behind it on the next page, have the marks from that one object formed in a variety of patterns. Throughout the patterns I will have denotative marks with how they are used with pressure, type of medium used, and size. The connotative part will be within the mark itself, due to how abstract my marks are. The reason for the translucent pages is to give the book a foggy look, so that the audience has hint of what they are looking at before they actually do. The paper being used for the pattern pages would be a tea-dyed type of paper to give it a somewhat aged look. For the binding of the book I'd like to make it have a DIY look, so I'm going with a simple book-binding technique found at: . The thread would be substituted with ribbon, yarn, or embroidery thread. For the cover I'd like it to be black and print my three used marks in my actual haiku on the cover in white to give it a contrast compared to the black marks on the tea-color paper. I would also be interested in screen printing this on the actual cover. Size would be similar to actual book size, close to 5X7. For the "Table of Contents" page I'd like it to have a translucent page as well to introduce the rest of the book. For the Translucent page it would just say: " Table of Contents" and on the actual tea-dyed page would be my Denotative and Connotative words.

Why so scrawny cat?
Starving for fat fish or mice...
Or backyard love?

Denotative: Cat, Thin, Whiskers, Fish, Mice, Trees, Bushes, Flowers, Paws, Tail, Fence
Connotative: Sad, Hungry, Willing, Helpless, Desire, Craving, Affection, Companionship, Playful, Somber

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  1. Just a point of clarification on your terminology. The translucent pages you propose do not sound like a table of contents in the traditional sense since those typically just reside in the front of a book.

    You state that throughout the patterns you will have denotative marks. However, the denotations must be text based descriptions of the marks so the reader understands. Not the marks themselves. Same problem applies for your description of the connotations.

    I believe you understand this better after our talk and will be utilizing the overlay as structure for housing the classifications.