Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Final Haiku shapes


This first set is what I'd like to go with, but it all depends on what others think communicates well and what works best with my poem. The reason I feel that this line works better than the one below is because the object that was used to make the heart shape mark was my cat (from her paw print), which I feel really ties back into my poem really nicely. The first mark is for the line: "Why so scrawny cat?" The middle mark is supposed to represent swimming fish for the line: Starving for fat fish or mice..." Then the last mark is for: "Or backyard love?" I feel that the other shape for "Or backyard love?" works nicely also, it just doesn't give off that heart shape that I absolutely wanted, some think it looks like broccoli.

1 comment:

  1. Taylor, since your shapes are so solid, I want you to also produce them as vector. Trace them in illustrator following the method in project 2. Or place the image in illustrator and then use "live trace" option. After, you will need to make a few curve adjustments and line quality refinements with the pen tool but it is an easy step with such simple shapes. Do a quick test on the fish or tree shape and we'll discuss the viability of proceeding this way in class.