Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CDF week update

For CDF this week we are turning in more photos for our color books. For my theme I decided to go with finding different types of fabric. It came be from clothing, or uncut fabric the store. I like the idea of the up close macro shots on the fabric to get a feel for the color and the pattern involved. The first is a achromatic, which means no color is involved. The one below is probably one o my favorite ones that I've taken so far, but I'm just not sure what to use it for, I'll definitely need some help classifying it.

This last one I was going for vibrating colors. We'll see if it works, I feel that the red and the green/yellow are pretty vibrant up against each other, but the flowers aren't dominant enough, I may need to either retake it, or classify it differently.

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  1. Your black and white shot would be a excellent transparency or optical mixing if you do not have those answered. :>