Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tweaking web layouts

I have come to find out that it takes a while to get a feel for these things . Intuition is what it is all about, and developing that intuition also takes time. I really want to keep at it though. I think this will definitely be something I try and work on over Winter break. Or at least study them more by looking at a lot of different books and see how each type of layout works, and doesn't work.

For now though, I'm pretty sure I'm decently satisfied with what I've done to them. I've also learned that giving enough space for each part of the layout is crucial; otherwise it is illegible.

There are some tweaks I'd like to throw out there that I'm thinking about though. Which is on the first one, I'm not sure if I want "Fallout" (in the title) to line up with the second paragraph. And in the third one if I should leave in both circle images, or to just have one, or none at all.

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