Thursday, February 10, 2011

a-type-ical: Type 4

Moving on in Type 4 we are getting into the branding part of the symposium. While my journey to my idea may not have been typical (haha) I was thinking a little afar from typography, and thinking more concept base. I know Atypical means being different and irregular. But, I also thought about how blood types are different, some more rare than others, also how all DNA is different, along with fingerprints, and HEY just like typefaces. So playing off this idea, I thought DNA structures, and molecular diagrams were really interesting, especially from a graphic point of view. As well as blood cells and how they look very scientific. So, I gathered imagery for this:

 And then applied some type to images. Nothing special, just to get an idea going.

Moving on I think I will explore this idea some more for Monday, maybe more expressive type. Maybe some analog type...we'll see.

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