Friday, February 11, 2011

 ABOVE: The concept for this design was to play with placement of headers and their background space. By Shifting the placement of the gray space behind images and slightly "off" it could be come a nice aesthetic addition.

 ABOVE: The concept for this was to keep it simple and to concentrate on how the navigation may work. Not using lines will be a challenge, but I'm excited to tackle just using typography as a hierarchy. I have a problem with relying on images too much. (this is the concept I'll be moving forward with.)
ABOVE: This concept was to separate out everything by boxes and to have a over all color tone. Although, I don't think using arbitrary colors is a good idea due to New York Times not even having a true color scheme. Plus, color has too many connotations, no need to misguide anyone by thinking the blue means weather.

PLUS: I really need to add some more basic web stuff, like a search bar....oops.

Notes from Crit:
-Don't use a dot for the navigation, either change the size or the way the type looks.
-Give everything more space. This I can possibly due by making some of the images smaller, and moving everything down.
-Find a different ways to indicate that your in the advertisements.
-Be consistent!
-And give more tracking.

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