Thursday, February 10, 2011

Type 4: C/ID readings

Probably late, but better late than never.

After reading through these readings about each of the identities of the Museums it was interesting to see how we could go about designing for our symposium. Just because the content is not already made does not mean that we can design for it. We make our concept up for the content to fit in. Then it just has to be broad and flexible enough to fit. Or unrelated. Experimentation  is a big part of this project, so probably making that the main focus is a good idea, but we can experiment with a lot of stuff. The Walker Identity was interesting to me because they put so much effort into how the type works in the space and how it can be used. The Museum was the brand, not what was inside the museum. The interaction of the typeface or how ever it was used is also interesting. Not so sure it's user friendly, but it's intriguing. Over all I think this reading helped a lot and cleared up some  connotations about branding. You don't have to include everything inside a space to be part of the branding the specific thing can be the brand (does that make sense?)

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