Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Type 4: Taglines and ideas.

I didn't really get to look at the branding book, but going off what we've been taught already about building a brand, and how to make everything cohesive I felt that this symposium should be about experiments, and showing how each of us go about our studies individually. Showing this to high school students though I feel is going to be tough. At least from the background I've had with graphic design, I definitely wasn't aware of typography in high school, even when I was in Year-book, (although, I was a photographer) it was more about grids and making the whole book a cohesive entity. So, from my perspective I feel that keeping the language camouflaged will be intriguing, but not so complex or simple that they either feel over-whelmed or, I guess the whole "DUH!" moment kind of thing. So I started looking on to get some idea's or different words we could use within our title/tag line.


Then I started thinking about what if some of our experiments don't come out to be what we want it to, or what we expect. Because, learning is about surprises, and learning is about mistakes turning into good things.

So good words for this would be like, mistake, or intentions. Kind of having a play on words of some sort I think would be interesting.

TAGLINES or I guess Titles:

A calamity of type
Type Calamity
Dissected Endeavor
Proof and Process
Anonymous Intentions

I feel that all of these can have their own themes as well...It needed to be up in the air, and open.

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