Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seconday Info and Some Questionnaire notes

Throughout researching online for information about bus/bike commuters I found a lot of advice, and tips columns. All normally attached to a city, or a cities bus website. I also had two pamphlets I picked up from the MARC office.

-Biking improves health- Reduces stress, increases fitness, stimulates your body, and you save money and time on going to the gym.
-It improves the "Bottom Line"- Decreases auto and fuel expenses, Reduces wear and tear on a car, and Lowers auto insurance.
- It improves the community- Decreases fuel emissions on the environment, doesn't have harmful ground ozone, sets a good example, and it produces clean air.
-Anyone can bike to work. Give it enough time, and practice.
- Possibly your work can have benefits for bike commuters

A man did a certain study, it may not be exact with today's numbers but it's an average of how much, bikes, busing, and commuting by car can cost each month. All of these numbers include supporting factors such as taking away money for exercise and adding money for time.
-With a car can cost $517.97
-On a bus- $369.50
-Ride a bike- $6.23

Be visible
Get front and back bike lights
Be aware of where you are compared to cars
make sure breakes work
Tires are pumped
Have a reliable route
Wear helmet
Dress Appropriately

We also got a questionnaire answered by a man on the internet who write s a blog about bike and bus commuting. Some interesting things he pointed out is that he felt that KC or any city in the fact are not bike friendly. No matter if we have a bike lane or not, which could inforce the feeling of us versus them idea. He also says the reason he got into biking to work was because of car costs of maintenance. Also, a biker needs to be smart. Choosing the right route is imperative.

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