Thursday, February 10, 2011

KC Bike Commuters: Presentation images

 Above: Overall view of our presentation wall.
 Above: The Verbal Audit is what I found to be the most difficult. Trying to find sayings and jargon that is said in the bike community is tough, the terminology they use is more about the bike's themselves. So, we thought it be good to point out differences with the vocabulary used from the actual owner of the bike. Each descriptor next to the image is about that bike specifically.
Above: Here is a visual audit of bike in general.
Above: Here is another visual audit of coded references. Ripped pants, and rolled up jeans were big give aways at times.
Above: The affinity Visual diagram is about how each thing that cyclist owns has a meaning and each one may fit under a something they value.
 Above: A general affinity diagram talking about their values goals, needs, etc.
 Above: a task analysis of a ride to work in mid town KC.
Above: Finally the Personas we made up based on our research.

Some corrections to make: Label things more, think about how your text relates to the image that is being used (proximity). With the verbal audit use images more to our advantage, show more hierarchy, connect with history, summarize our sub-culture at the beginning of a presentation, maybe add some community things to our visuals, Show our personals a little more throughout the entire piece.

Some things to keep in mind: 

What are 3 defining characteristics that make them part of this sub-culture?
What are common behaviors and rituals that are shared within sub-culture?
What are common stimulation's or motivations for this sub-culture?
What are any overlapping patterns that you find in each interview?
What are dominant social clues or symbols?
What are some verbal codes?
Identify social overlaps with this sub-culture.
What is the S.M.I.T? (Single most important thing)

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