Friday, January 28, 2011

UE: Recorded Interview

Here are some notes I took from the interview Keaton and I had with Darrin, he was kind enough to be openly involved with the project even though he's not particularly part of our sub-culture, but a former individual of it (which is hard to find, I think).

-95% of people in KC commute in a car daily, that's including carpooling.
-Out of that 95% only 10% use a carpool system.
-Carpooling normally happens through word of mouth mostly. Some are approached with the idea, and some find it on their own.
-It seems that carpooling is popular among professionals within the financial spectrum, due to them knowing the benefits of saving money.
-before 5-6 years ago, Darrin drove to every job he had.
Darrin's journey to becoming a bike and bus commuter.
     -Started learning and hearing about environmental issues more regularly, and thought that he could contribute to helping. He then started to carpool, then started taking the bus to further his contribution, then started to see people biking and thought that it would be a difficult task to do daily. But, one time saw someone going into a business office with his bike in the winter and realized that if that person could do that, then he could too. So now he is trying to make biking a consistent task he does to got to work. Although, the harsh winters KC has a rough effect on riding your bike to work versus doing the 20 minute bus ride to work. (Which is picked up near his house on an express route)
- He explained that the hybrid cars are slowing becoming a more popular choice for a commuter, but due to the short term memory of a consumer that the percentage of trucks and SUV's are on the rise.

- The bus system here in KC and Johnson county are hard one's to tackle because KC has to compete with St. Louis for transportation needs, and for example for another city that has a good system doesn't have to compete for government money.
- There are some improvements coming soon though.

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