Friday, January 28, 2011

I.A.: Don't make me think notes and thoughts.

DON'T MAKE ME THINK chapters 3 and 4

- Design pages for scanning, not reading.
    -create a clear visual hierarchy on each page.
    -Break pages up into clearly defined ares
    -Make obvious what is clickable.
    -Minimize noise.

HIERARCHY: Make relationships make sense.
        -relatable information and non relatable information should be seperate.
    The more important something is the more prominent it is.
        EX: Larger, Bolder, Color difference, more white space, and positioning.
    Things that are related logically are also related visually.
        -Grouping under a specific header
        -clearly defined spaces.
    Things that are "nested" visually to show what's part of what.
        -put appropriate topics with appropriate images and sections.
    Visual hierarchy saves us work by preprocessing the page for us.
    No hierarchy is harder to process.

CONVENTIONS: are your friends.
    The way things work systematically for years can work for you as well.
    Although, conventions are good don't always rely on the preferred system. As designers we are hired to bring something new to the table. Something usable and different at the same time. Make sure when you are exploring make it something to be "wow-ing"

ADVICE: Innovate when you know you have something better than the convention: and people will be impressed.

Clearly define areas of the page.   
    -quick and effective.
Make Clickable ares OBVIOUS!
    -Watch coloring of non linkable words, can be confusing.

    two kinds of noise: Busy-ness and Backgroud noise.

    why users like mindless decisions.

When using the internet clicking on links is natural, until you have to stop and think about what you're clicking on. Putting information on the page so that the user can get good, helpful information fast so they don't have to think about it. Making the wrong decision on the web is easy due to lack of information, so picking the wrong link can lead you somewhere unnecessary and useless.

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