Sunday, January 30, 2011

IA: Speculation and wireframes

Throughout analyzing the New York times we found that it was a cluttered set of information all on one page. I felt that by making it more organized and more consistent with how you find information it would work better for the user.
Here are some notes I have been taking to think of ways to improve the users experience.

-make the search bar more obvious.
-maybe making it a dominant feature on the page.
-consistent place for sections. No switching around so that the user has to look for it.
-Since the news is all about what's going on, maybe making the dates of each articles more dominant as well.
- Each section has a top story. By putting each section header with image on the front NYT page it would possibly make it clearer to which each section would have in it.
-Basically be more selective with what is shown, and make it much more organized and cleaner looking.
- Be more clear with type hierarchy.
- Front page could sort through each section's feature story.
- Make only one area for ads, so that they aren't spread out.
- Within the style section there is a half the page dedicated to the T-magazine, which is great...but there needs to be some differentiation there.
- Is listing the articles in order the answer? do they list them anyway, latest vs. most read?
- Should Twittering be on the page at all?...
- Re-evaluate space and how much space is dedicated to each subject.
- Does each section need to follow the guidelines and grid structure of the rest of the website. Within the news paper they didn't seem to keep a system with how they arranged their info. So should it be okay on the web too?
- Pop up data is neat...maybe making it more interactive and more obvious.
- Needs more images. due to content.

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