Monday, January 31, 2011

iA: web design is 95% typography, and don't make me think reply

After reading and going through the two articles I found the way Reichenstein approached the subject was interesting and in some way ruthless, although, I feel his point is valid. When working in the web, I've been learning that you need to have your rule sets much more than working in print. there are certain things that won't work across the page, due to lack of technology, or due to lack of experience on the web. I really liked the point he made about how typographers in the past may have only been able to deal with one font, such as in the renaissance times, but they still mastered the way it looks, only using one font. I think this is something I struggle with to be honest. Pushing things around on a page is hard to do, and using typography to my advantage is a difficult skill to show. Also, to this point that choosing a type face is not being a typographer, which I'm sort of confused by. I guess that the point his trying to make is that just because you're using Helvetica, doesn't mean you're using it well.

It was interesting to see how he responded to his responses on the web. I think he enjoyed stirring the pot up a bit to give his look on how web design is. Although, he does come back with some remorse, he still stood by his opinions. I liked the part where he gave his reasons to the typical use of something, such as college students versus professional graphic designers. It gave me some insight to what not to do, maybe?


This little section was also a good insight. Thinking about the layers of a website is vital at the beginning, due to making it up as you go can cause chaos, and inconsistency. I liked his moral: It's vital to have sample pages that show the navigation for all the potential levels of the site before you start arguing about the color scheme for the Home page. This is really applicable to what we're doing and what we just talked to marty about down in crit. I need to be more detail oriented, consistent and flexible with space, before I think about the design of the page. Yes, the grid is part of the design, but the formal design needs to wait. I need to not get ahead of myself.

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