Sunday, January 30, 2011

UE: Progress

Moving forward with the interview Keaton and I got on Thursday we've decided to change our sub-culture to bus/bike commuters. Due to KC being a highly car commuting percentage we felt the research we would find with bus and bike commuters would be more intriguing and different. We've decided to use the culture probe selection of research methods. We put together a kit for the bike/bus commuter to experience. It includes a map of KC for them to show their commutes, to work, and recreational, possibly while going to lunch running a quick errand. It has directions to show how they can mark the map differently. Such as problem area, and good areas to ride around in. Maybe a bad bus route? Or bad bus driver? We told them to write it on a sticky note and place it on the map in the appropriate area. We also are going to put on an interview to get more information. If our participant is willing to have us go through his stuff that he takes along with him on his commutes we were planning on doing a photo essay with his belongings and images of his bike.

 Some notes about what we are going to possibly include in our probe.
 Our interview being changed from car commuters to bus/bike commuters
 culture probe
culture probe - the stop watch.

Culture probe includes: stickers, markers, map, pedometer, stop watch, instructions and sticky notes.

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