Saturday, January 29, 2011

S{o}TA: TypeCon Analysis

-2009 TypeCon Conference: Rhythm
-Wanted to stay far away from the conference turning into a music festival.
-The Identity  is based on the music staff, the practical structure for determining rhythm.
-Need various types of surprise in rhythm.
-Result in the logo was that it doesn't feel static, and it can be applied to multiple types of media.
-The 70 pg program was filled with information such as: schedules, session descriptions, speaker bios and sponsors advertisements.
-The conference was 6 days long.

These are just some of the things I found while researching this specific conference. Under Consideration has a lot of information about how they branded the event. It's quite interesting to see their process. Over all I felt that this conference seemed like a successful event. I of course did not go, but I would have wanted to. And, mostly because of how it looked to be honest. A type conference sounds like fun, but with how this event was branded and brought to life really caught my eye. I think it's good to consider how something looks, and who you are trying to attract. This of course is a large objective within what we learn in this department, and it's nice to see the process and progress of this project. Within our own symposium/conference I think targeting our audience is going to be key. Although, our audience may not even pay attention to what they're attracted to design wise, I know I didn't in high school.

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