Sunday, November 14, 2010

Design Intervention: Environmental Awareness

Moving forward with our second proposal about environmental awareness we have explored some problems and ideas to move forward with. Thinking of a tag-line we felt was the most important, because since it is in the Environment we wanted to viewer/audience/receiver to get the information fast, and have them think about it. Here are some ideas:
Basically with this, we would figure out a way to deliver this message by saying, the situation, then saying, "So what". Due to our audience not being aware, and also maybe not caring, putting them in the situation for a split second may have them think about the situation later. so, "You can't afford Groceries?" SO WHAT!.

Our next idea embodies the idea of word replacement.  Using the prefix "Un" then having it follow with other words that have the idea of poverty and their situation.

Our third idea was to have the idea of something being empty. This could be rendered in different ways. One was a poster/projection idea. The other is different due to the holidays coming up we thought it'd be interesting to play off the idea of a small gift...with nothing inside, besides a message of insight to the idea, and some instructions to either give it to a peer to have the same effect it had on them, or re-gift it with a nice gift to someone in need.
Feedback ideas ^^^



Some prototyping.

To clarify "we" is Bethany and I.

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