Sunday, November 28, 2010

TED talks: How pigs help the world go around

While watching this, I was never bored, and it definitely kept me guessing throughout the entire speech.  The presentation, clean and simple. It was never cluttered with information, and the skill of have barely any text up on the board was very impressive to me. Keeping the discussion under 10 minutes was also great too, it was short and sweet. Throughout I felt that Christien hit all 10 tips to follow. She had the audience following her outline, because she introduced her topic very well, and direct. The simple design of it was also nice, due to the reduced sense of color, and type. She kept the audience guessing with what product came next. It was edited properly, at least I felt it was due to the speed she went on. Which is difficult, because each of these products on their own could be a thirty minute discussion. Humor was brought into the presentation at appropriate times. The only thing, I felt she left out was letting the audience know how long they would be sitting there for. Which, I feel isn't always necessary because what if it is a longer presentation, then people tune out before it's even started.

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