Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NA: Linear User Experience and logo build!

Ditto_linear from Taylor Pruitt on Vimeo.

Ditto Logo build from Taylor Pruitt on Vimeo.

 Working through this process I have learned a lot. My understanding of a linear narrative has improved with the idea of how much detail is needed to be included in one specific message. Within my web video I concentrated on the yarn being my consistent guide to the next step. I feel that I consolidated the over all message in a nice and short video that people wouldn't get bored watching. Using all communication channels was nice actually, I used: Typography, music, voice (if you count the singing), and image. It was much more freeing, and I felt that all components were needed to make this piece interesting. It makes me want to go back to my screen-printing video and music to that for fun. Deciding on how long to hold my "freeze" frames was difficult, because dealing with after effects and getting the time remapping tool to behave correctly was difficult. But, in the end I feel that it's just right, (it may be a little fast, but that could be because I'm a slow reader. It was difficult adding music, because I'm not the most skilled with editing music o loop in certain areas, my craft is just not up to where I would like it to be, but it's definitely a technical skill to know how to do that, also to take lyrics off of an mp3 would help too. Over all I wish I had done the text in different way, Towards the end of this, while I was putting it together I was thinking about cutting these phrases up and laying them on the photo, like I would have done while photographing the stop motion piece. A stop motion always takes longer than you expect. So, I planned for that, thank goodness....I started over many times, and had to edit every single photo to color correct it, to look nice and how I wanted it to look. The automate button is my best friend now. I also learned than making everything before hand, and testing what a certain frame would look like is a good idea. For this, I had all flat images, so I had to figure out a way to get the feeling get dimension, which was by cutting out the images and putting them on photo core.
Over all I'm happy with the result. The type and the sound I know need a lot of refinement.

On my logo build it was interesting to see the process of this play out. Learning a new program is hard, and it takes time so this one took me awhile, and quite frankly I was intimidated to start. It's kind of over whelming jumping into something that you don't know how to start. BUT, I did get it, and the result worked out, so I learned new after effects skills as well as the idea of how motion can work.

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