Thursday, May 6, 2010

Museum exhibit identity: A mother's prerogative

A mother's prerogative came through my final icon set related to a problematic picnic. Going through one day working with Julie, we presented our icon set with words and images either relaying the message, or anchoring the message of the icon. I had one of my icon's, the attacking bird, with the word mother, which I feel is relaying the message of an attacking bird. So, this got me thinking, could I use the other icons in my set to send a relaying message from each of my icons. It took some more brainstorming to hammer the ideas out for each of my icons. I several different ideas, and a lot of them were leading up to a feminist idea of how the man can control the women, or how the stereotypical women is "supposed" to react to the stereotypical man. Such as the ants representing worshiping:
This idea lead to many more, but in the end the whole image with pattern, and showing the different women became inconsistent and then led me to the idea of just using one word with a pattern I had previously made, or remade for the idea.

I ended up using five out of seven icons to represent the mother's prerogative museum exhibit, and then paired them with five different words.

Bird=trapped and control
Wine glass= relief and cure
storm cloud=conflict
poisoned apple=neglect

I felt that all of these words and icons could relate back to how the wife was treated by her husband, or how possibly the mother could be treated by her kids, or how she could treat her kids.

I kept with my final icon color palette, but also by warming them up just a little to make them more cohesive as a set. Here the final product is. (I still have some revisions to make though)


For the corrections to be made were to deal with the time based elements better than I am. Spread them across the board better, and to also fix the type again. Spread it out as well!

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