Thursday, May 6, 2010

Image: Six degress final

Coming to the end of the last project in image class which was the six degrees project. It was fun, and interesting to have an issue brought to you, that you then had to solve with a partner. Which was the first time we all had to deal with having partners in the design department all the way through a project. It was nice not having the entire ordeal on your shoulders but we definitely had to deal with how each partner worked, and seeing how we could bring both of our aesthetics to the idea. Over all I liked working with Kelsey a lot, we have different views on the issue, but with putting it aside and concentrating on the project was number one.

Working through our idea and trying to make it not so boring, and bringing all the elements we wanted to show with the project together really came together the last week or so by adding the elements that we had in the inside of our dvd cover to the outside, and while adding the outside to the inside.

And the final poster.

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