Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final Review Proposal

Looking back through all of the projects I have done these past two semesters I've seen it's definitely been a trip. A trip of improvement, a trip of brain farts, and a trip of mistakes. For my final review I've listed things down for the past couple weeks thinking about what I'd like to show and to show how they connect together.
My list of pieces to showcase:

Dot book (to show how I can deal with type and image together)
Line book (juxtaposing, showing process!)
Haiku animation and taxonomy
Icon set (showing all steps to coming to the final color icons)
Museum Exhibit- along with my mock ups of the candy bars and post cards. ( to show how I can use some slight contradictions with color and words.)
Info graphics within Magazine spreads
Monogram and book layouts (to show improvement to my magazine layouts)
Change one thing poster (show the process of this, because I thought the evolution of this project was quite a long one for me)
Bus wrap for the weather project (probably not my billboard) (and maybe my animation I did)
Gail Anderson Poster
Seven Deadly sins project/book
6 degress project
and possibly adding in my 'nice to meet you' picture to add some personal flare.
Color theory book (different color fabrics) (to show how I can see and identify color, and be connected to all projects really, due to the way we deal with color now)
Building and initial pen tool exercises (to show where I started with the pen tool and measurements)

I also was interested in adding something I designed in my last semester fiber class.
I thought it'd be nice to show how I'm interested in using fabric and how i could use design outside of class.

The other stuff I wasn't sure about to show or now was:

Patriots and Poppies animation that we did for type 1
hand drawn perfect letter we did type 1

For now, I think having only 5 minutes to showcase my work will be difficult, but I definitely want to touch on my museum exhibit identity, magazine layouts, dot book, six degrees, Gail Anderson, and haiku.

I also think that showing how I transformed my icon set to relay to something else than what they were meant to be would be a good thing to touch on.

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