Monday, December 7, 2009


 LINE ONE SEQUENTIAL PROCESS: Starting with some main ideas about where I wanted the idea to go. Whiskers was an obvious, but still abstract way to go with the whole cat idea. So, I moved further into the idea, and found an object that would work well with the shape and idea of whiskers, a tree branch. I also did some iteration with my cat's paws, but they didn't work out as well, so I kept moving with the whisker idea. I vectorized it then at the very end moved the little tiny oval shape more to the middle to represent the nose.

LINE TWO SEQUENTIAL PROCESS: Starting with thumbnails of my  main ideas, I finally came upon, then heading into what tool I used for this specific marks, which was yarn. I thought this correlated back to my poem, because cats really like to play with string, so I brought in a toy they may play with. Then, showing some main marks that were made with leaves, then with the string. Finally it gets into what the final mark looks like, and how I vectored it, and finally moved one little fish shifting down a bit.

 LINE THREE SEQUENTIAL PROCESS: I decided not to show the whole idea with using my cat paws because i felt it would have got too confusing within the process. After starting the whole entire line over with the new thumbnail ideas and new tool I really got motivated to make it a successful shape. Starting with the thumbnails that I did in my art history class...then moving on to the flower I used. Then how I manipulated the analog shape, and finally deciding it looks better not manipulated, and finally how it looks with text.

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