Monday, December 7, 2009

Final reflection 01

Looking back at everything that I’ve achieved this semester in the graphic design department, I’ve honestly surprised myself. Coming from a community college to a pretty hard-core school and program was quite the jump for me. I’ve really learned a lot, and I may not be able to acknowledge them all, I know that I’ve had a drastic change in how I look at everything now. I can feel my eye get more cautious of things around me, and my judgment on certain things have changed as well.
Starting with project 1, the dot book, was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see how I could create some sort of a narrative within a book full of just dots. Yes, imagery helped a lot, but if all my dots within that book were black, you could still get some idea of what I was going for. Comparing that to this final project, the haiku, really helped with seeing a narrative within a haiku, and also how abstract marks can become something representational. Just how dots combined within a composition can become something representational. Another aspect of project 1 that correlated within project 3 is serendipity. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and something’s don’t happen for a reason. For instance, you have this set idea in your head about how you want something to look, but it never comes out that way, and within discovering how it doesn’t work, you find things that do, and even work better. Working through the compositions with in project 1, was so similar to finding the right marks for each of our lines in the haiku we chose.
Project two, the juxtaposition book, just didn’t see eye to eye with me. I feel that I had a lot of trouble within the entire process. I’d get frustrated with how things never came out the first time I did something, and then have to start all the way over. This was also very similar with how discovering marks and using the right tools, and words for my haiku came into play. After awhile though, you need to stop worrying about finding the one right answer, and just focus how YOUR right answer. This is definitely something I’m going to work on next semester for sure. Yes, most people in the world don’t mind being right now and again, but when it turns out to be that your wrong so many times it’s hard to see if you’ll ever get it right. Maybe I was too negative within this project, and got too down on the idea of everything being wrong. Which needs to stop, ASAP. Letting elements happen within the process is what’s so great about PROCESS. It makes it more interesting, and you just really have to learn to be light hearted within the process. If it doesn’t work out the first time, try and try again until it works best for you. Don’t get so wrapped up within the idea of THE right answer. MAKE a right answer.

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