Monday, December 7, 2009

Final reflection 02

Throughout this last project, the haiku project, we did several, several, several different processes. One was with analog shapes. We had to pick random objects that we could get dirty and have them relate back to our picked haiku. My haiku was a about a cat, and I thought it would be perfect to use cat paws as a mark for my final animation. So, I went through the process of have my cat walk on white paper while there was finger paint on her paws. She did not particularly enjoy this process, but it was fun to use something non conventional, and something other than just objects. Here are some photos of her paw prints: 

I wanted some part of the paw print to be the heart for my line that says, "or backyard love?"
After developing this idea in my head, and thinking it'd be perfect, I kept searching for different ways to portray this line with the idea of a cat and it being outdoors. In the end though I decided to go with a different mark and had to learn that sometimes the idea of something isn't always as good as the image getting the message across.

This is the image I decided to go with:

I'm happy I went with this image in the end, I feel it definitely speaks more to my haiku, and helped a lot more within my narrative.

All in all, the cat paw would have been a nice image, it just wouldn't have spoken as well to the idea of the haiku. But the tree shape that I used helped people understand the image and narrative better. The cat paw also would have been out of order within my haiku, the cat is introduced within the first line of the haiku, not the third, which is what I would have used the paw for. So, that was also not a well thought out idea. This whole semester helped me come to this conclusion, because this whole semester is about creating ideas to work, and visually communicate them to others.

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  1. Those paw prints are so cute, though! Save them...I bet they could easily find their way in another, future design. Nice work!