Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Writing Response-VIS COM

After reading all the selected text for visual communications I realized that having a good foundation for vocabulary within visuals is a great starting point for anyone's compositions. It really helps the designer/artist to communicate the idea they want across to the viewers. While reading each specific reading I was intrigued to learn that there was a certain way to possibly portray "chaotic", not that there has to be a certain way or anything, but it's nice to have somewhat of a boundary, and guideline to start with. Then as we progress towards something we're interested in, such as portraying chaos a certain way, we can build on those guidelines so that it can still be successful. I also was interested in how the reading about all the photographs really opened my mind to how I can possibly work with all the different types of imagery on this current project we're working on. Such as with photomontage, I feel that this may be a great way of expressing some of my pages about the different households I'm trying to portray. This is because I feel you can exaggerate a little within boundaries.

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