Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garden Variety

Researching and finding my nine words for my visual communication class has been difficult. After having my meeting with Jamie I ended up going with the idea of each page being a word describing a different household within America. As of now, I have it narrowed down to the households I want to represent, but I'm still not completely satisfied with my words.

Nine different households

D.I.N.K (Double income no kids)
Single Parent
Modern stereotypical house hold (working parents)
Bourgeois (Traditional, very 50's like)

I really want my words to represent the feeling of each household such as with my "violent" household I have coercive, and I feel like that's a good fit for this one. But with my Wealthy household I have copious, and I feel that's more of a descriptive word of wealth. My next word for DINK is either somewhere along the line of Peaceful, or selfishness, because they are obviously living for themselves.

I really think that the single parent one is an important one to portray the feeling of how it really is, either it being so chaotic and unorganized, or the other side of the situation, as being rewarding.

Showing the way of a modern stereotypical family I think wouldn't be that hard, that's why I decided to go with the word conjugal, or nuclear.
And as for the Bourgeois type of family, I think I'm going to stick with the word Bourgeois.

My next household will be impoverished and I feel that destitute is a good descriptive word for this term.
For the Gay household I wanted to anomalous.

And for the last household which is divorced I'm still having a hard time with, I wanted to find a word that showed that the children have to switch places and have two different places to be, therefore they never have a real home. I'm still brainstorming that one, but I'll definitely update when I find my FINAL FINAL words. Which hopefully will happen soon since I have already started with my dot thumbnails.

All together though, I'm excited about this project, I just want to get the words just right before I really start it. I feel that my weakness is with choosing the wrong word for each composition, which is somethink I really want to work on this time.

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