Monday, September 21, 2009

Reading Responce: Transparency

While reading through the Lupton material, and learning about the different ways you can layer and use transparency within design, I started to see these techniques come out in my book that I finished for Project 1. Layers are key to any design because they give each piece a different feeling of depth. I especially enjoyed how Ryan McGinness used his layers. It gave his piece a completely different feeling. It was also very colorful, and well developed. In my book I felt that using embroidery thread helped a lot with how layering worked with each of my compositions.
The next part of the reading dealing with Transparency's was also interesting because it showed examples of using different types of transparency's. The picture with the women with the veil was interesting to me because I wouldn't have thought to consider that a transparency, due to me thinking of transparency as being a literal piece of transparency paper. It gave me some ideas to possibly use in further projects. With my exact book my transparency's I feel are definitely a part of each of my compositions, and I feel it in some way each compositions works better with my text transparency's.

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  1. Good that you gave specific examples of what you learned from this reading.