Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orthos and Obliques

For the orthographic and oblique section of the class coming to an end, I feel pretty confident on how to approach design in a different aspect. I learned a lot. We have a book due at the end of the week with different ways to draw an Orthographic drawing, along with Obliques. Such as: Plan obliques, and elevation obliques. We also measured an entire side of the design building. It was interesting to see how to scale objects on such a small scale. Here are some of my images for the book:
Initials as an Orthographic Drawing.

Initials as an Elevation Oblique

Initials as a Plan Oblique.

This is probably my favorite one.
For my Environmental design of the Design building I'll probably fill my plan oblique with white on the facing surfaces and then place in on my drawing of the building to decorate a possible mural on the walls.

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