Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pro Practice: Career Goals

Within the past couple months I have been really thinking hard about this. I've wondered where my "fit" would be. Where I would find those perfect pair of jeans, or boots?! (that's obviously a metaphor, and a joke). After considering my love for pattern, and my interest in fibers...along with my love for design and all that it offers inside and out I know I want to be somewhere that I can show my skills and be happy doing so (that's probably way too obvious, I'm mean...who wouldn't want that?)

Although, after thoroughly reflecting on my interests and qualities that come with both my design and design thinking I think that I would really like to end up somewhere within the fashion/retail business. Dealing with brands has always seemed like a opportunity to show so many fun and exciting ideas within promotional items as well as the brands themselves. I have a love hate relationship with branding...but it's mostly love (no doubt). The reason I say fashion/retail is because I feel that's where my love for patterns have come from. Either from a skirt I wore growing up or envying the wallpaper my grandmother had in her house.

I honestly don't like making this blog post because I feel I have to pin point my interest so that I can filter what to look for when I'm out in the real world looking for a career. I mean, what if I really don't fit into the category of branding? It's a tough thing to put yourself out there like this, I feel. I mean I feel confident in my decision...but that doesn't mean I'm going to get THAT job, I may end up in something completely opposite like working at a grocery store. It's good to have goals, but thinking that I'm going to reach that goal right out of school is quite overwhelming. Anyway, moving on...

One more thing...
I know I'm probably being too critical of this assignment as far as thinking that I'm actually going to reach this goal by the time I graduate. I know it's a process, and I need to keep reminding myself of that.

So. How am I going to reach this, you ask? Right now I've been pin-pointing brands that I've enjoyed throughout my life...those brands I wish I could afford and those ones that I wear or surround myself with everyday. And another side note when I say fashion/retail and retail I have a broad scope of what that means...I'm talking clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. Making a list of brands and possible firms/companies that design for those brands is key. Then getting my name out there for them to see what I can do, and why I want to be apart of that world. That means, making contact. And then, making more contact. Network. Use my recourses that I have built for myself, as well as use KCAI and all the amazing professors that they provide in the design department (I also utilize the word "use" in the kindest way possible :) ) . The world is small, people.

I know that Chris doesn't like the word "apply"...but let's use it for now. Applying for positions you may not think you can get is okay too. You never know what they are looking for. They may shut you down right away, but if that brand I want to REALLY work for is looking for a senior designer...I'll probably still try...I mean what's the harm? (Would they really think I was silly for applying to that even if I don't FULLY meet the requirements?)

I feel like I've gone on for long enough...more later.

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