Monday, January 30, 2012

Degree Project: Initial Question

When we as Seniors were asked to write about our Senior Degree Project I was overwhelmed. I mean, I'm sure everyone in the class was. All I knew was that I wanted to do something I would love, be proud of and not get tire of it over the course of the semester. At the time I was in a quilting class in the fiber department, so while this brainstorming session was going on I was immersed in this different culture and loved being in it. I really always have so I thought at the time I'd want to show the skill and interest off in a self-initiated project. 

Way back when, in December I stated my question of: How through graphic design can I utilize typography and coded language through quilting and traditional fiber processes? 

I'm not at all saying that people weren't supportive in this idea/question of my exploration, but I could sense some confusion and possibly some worried faces for me. So, I re-evaluated. I trust the opinions of my professors and peers, and if they think there is a problem with what I'm doing, I'm more than willing to look at the conflict more and figure out another way of going about what I want to do. With that being said, and after a 6-week break of an intense school schedule I have changed my degree project question. Which, I'm excited about. 

Throughout my time here at, KCAI I've been introduced to so many new things that I sometimes don't know what to do with myself. But, there are certain things that stand out to me and that I'm attracted to. These "things" I'm talking about also stand out to a larger public as well. So what is it about that particular piece that people like? Why is that poster more successful than the one next to it on the wall? We as human beings are all different, and are aesthetically attracted to different types of colors, objects, shapes, forms, etc. But, why? 

I consider myself new to the design world still, because I've only been really exposed to it within the past three years, since I transferred from JCCC. Or at least was aware of my exposure to it. So through out my time there are a few designers that have "tickled by fancy" so to speak. One of them being, Dan Funderburgh. Funderburgh is a Brooklyn based illustrator, artist and wallpaper designer. He got his BFA at KU actually. His work is inspirational to me because of the detail and consideration he puts in his imagery and pieces. He plays with visual puns and metaphors a lot, there's a slight sense of humor in his work that I appreciate. Another person that has caught my attention is Jason Munn. Jamie Gray showed us his "Small Stakes" book with music posters he designed awhile back. Almost all posters have visual rhetoric involved, which I love. I've always liked to figure out what images try to say through semiotics, so he really has stayed with me as someone to reference in the future. He definitely has this power with simplicity, that I think is tough to acquire. My last person I'm going to talk about is Jessica Hische. I remember when I would gather images to put in my "man, that's awesome" folder and didn't know who designed what, and most of the lettering images turned out to be hers. She definitely has a style and it stands out. I like that about her. 

So, you're probably getting bored and wanting me to get to the point already. Here I go. After really looking at my portfolio and all the work I've done over the years I feel like I'm lacking in a certain department, and that's form. I want to take advantage of this project to fit that missing part in my body of work, and really make it *~*~*~*~*SPARKLE!*~*~*~*~*.. To start I felt that by exploring and breaking down certain designer's processes and approaches that I enjoy I think is a good place to start. I mean, the best way to learn is to study, research, and practice, right? I'm still having a lot of trouble forming a question without it sounding selfish. But, here you go: 

What can I, as a graphic designer, learn and discover about the current formal qualities and design approaches within print media? 

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