Monday, October 17, 2011

MX: iphone scenario

Polititeens iPhone Vocab

This is the iphone app where my balloon 3d sketching comes into play. The beginning frames are pretty static. But, keeping it simple at first then getting more complex within the system I think will be a good plan due to how diverse our application is. Especially considering the size of the iphone.

Within this version I addressed a lot of the changes that were brought up in last class to my ipad scenario, so hopefully it's a much more concise aesthetic. I tried to play with type and color more. Getting more yellows besides just the golden one was important, which I think helped a lot.


After meeting with Marty and considering our production time and how much we actually committed to producing at the beginning, we re-evaluated what we would then have as our fine 6 scenarios, versus our final 8.

We will have two hubs, two iphone and two ipad scenarios.

iPhone: Currency Comparing and Political Ling
iPad: Step Back (Past political campaigns of the past game) and participating in a debate.
Hub: Signing up for a debate/adding and saving information for the debate and Going over the top 10.

I feel much more at ease, even though I just lost one scenario...but it will definitely help consider time restraints and really tightening up our aesthetic.

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