Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Design Systems: A breakthrough

I'm not exactly sure what has been going on with myself this semester, but I feel like I've digressed in progression of being a Senior. Whenever I would think about branding class I would get so excited about what I wanted Pot Pit to be, but for some reason could never put it on the page. No matter how many different approaches I took at rendering, or organization of objects.
So after my mid-semester crit and a good sit down with Kidwell I think something definitely clicked. I had just too many ideas about what I wanted this rebrand to be, and could NOT get them straight. But, after fixing things here and there, then mixing all my three ideas together I think I finally have something, and I'm quite proud of it. Now...I just need to apply them to all the goodies that come along with a brand. Here is a little bit of process that has gone on within the last two weeks.
Above this image are some new signatures that I experimented with. And this image is one of the initial web-page ideas...

 Right about here in the process is where I started questioning the my entire idea of where pot pie was I started over with my brand-mark.

 And here is where the revelation happened. It was the probably the most relieved I've felt in a really long time. Showing the contrast I have withint he type represents the contrast I have within my attributes that I want Pot Pie to be.
 As well as here...the contrast is elegant but, comfortable and a bit silly/goofy.
I also addressed my color palette. I felt that the color palette I had before was a big melancholy, so hopefully adding red and brightening up the other colors will help that.

Different type....
And mixing my ideas from previous stages together I think really helped. I love the wood texture so I decided to utilize it after all.

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