Monday, October 17, 2011

Dematerialization of Screen Space

"The Internet is all these: a kind o chameleon-like civilization that seems to perpetually remap its identity in response to the ever-changing demands of a mercurial market. In a world in which everything is customized, even our boundaries are on the move."

This statement resinated most with me, i'm not exactly sure why,  besides the fact that is SO true. Being a designer on the brink of media being the way of doing most everything is quite fascinating. I grew up with this vital time of where media has changed so much, but I wasn't exactly saturated in it as much as the kids are today. It's just interesting to me considering that the generation growing up now is called the "me" generation because of all this customization and knowing that they can have it their way. Considering this element as a graphic designer we have to make that experience just what they want, and if it isn't what they want, we need to make it so that they can have it their way (just like sonic, at least I think that's the correct reference).


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